What is this sample?

A Squarespace bi-lingual website for Fargreen, a social enterprise in Vietnam. I set up the site with a cover page, two directories, and some stand-alone pages. I was responsible for the final copy, in English as well as in Vietnamese, and most of the visuals. 

Who is the audience? 

Different groups of visitors, including potential investors, partners and consumers. 

Tone of voice

Reflect the brand's personality: fun and respectful. 

Others samples: 



The Sample

The Complete Guide To Growing Your People With 360 Degree Feedback is an ebook introducing the concept of 360-degree feedback and covering instructions and tips for feedback givers, recipients as well as their managers. 

Target audience

The target audience includes HR managers, team workers, executives who want to improve communications and personal development in their company. 

Tone of Voice

The article uses an informal, but professional tone to deliver in-depth research about feedback behaviours and a guide to change.  

How-To Guides



What is this sample? 

A Lifehack article lists ten rituals of morning people that makes them successful. 

For whom? 

The target audience includes readers who want to form successful habits. 


The tone of voice is casual and to the point. The article has an attention-grabbing headline and the ten subheadline sentences that talk directly to the readers.

Case Studies


This Sample

In the article "Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, Sziget and more: How European Music Festivals Use Social Media",  I reviewed social accounts of 15 widely known music festivals in Europe and shared their success lessons. 

Target Audience

Event Organisers who want to learn about promoting their festivals to a wider audience. 

Tone of Voice

Informal, factual and concise