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The Sample

This ebook - The Only Guide You Need for Safe and Worry-Free Business Travel - guides business travellers and their travel managers through precautious steps to have a safe and healthy trip each time and every time. Checklists are included to help with preparation and to deal with emergence.

Target audience

Business travellers and Travel Managers 

Tone of Voice

The ebook uses an informal, but a straightforward and professional tone, suitable for busy business travellers.

How-To Guides

Case Studies


This Sample

A case study about brand building for a social startup, reviewing aspects from messaging to strategy. Takeaways are included. 

Target Audience

Marketers, brand strategists, startup owners, startup investors 

Tone of Voice

Inspirational, personal and informative


What is this sample?

A Squarespace bi-lingual website for Fargreen, a social enterprise in Vietnam. I set up the site with a cover page, two directories, and some stand-alone pages. I was responsible for the copy, used between 2015 to 2017, in English as well as in Vietnamese, and most of the visuals. 

Who is the audience? 

Different groups of visitors, including potential investors, partners and consumers. 

Tone of voice

Reflect the brand's personality: fun and respectful. 

Others samples: 



What is this sample? 

A Lifehack article lists ten rituals of morning people that makes them successful. 

For whom? 

The target audience includes readers who want to form successful habits. 


The tone of voice is casual and to the point. The article has an attention-grabbing headline and the ten subheadline sentences that talk directly to the readers.